Four New Perks of Olymp Trade

Four New Perks of Olymp Trade

Why everyone should try a new version of the online trading platform

Olymp Trade , 24/01/2019 5496 4 min read

Here is the great news: there have been some far-reaching changes in the work of the Olymp Trade platform. Traders are now able to work with a new chart and several assets at once. The asset menu has been also modified.

There are two ways you can activate a beta test of the new mode:

  • In the right-side menu.
  • Click the “Enable” button in the “Updated platform” menu option of the user profile.

The updates will become available after the platform reloads.

In this article, we are going to tell you about major innovations, their characteristics and the way you can use them in work.

1. MultiCharts

The use of two charts at the same time simplifies the trading process and enhances the effectiveness of one’s search for profitable trading conditions. The windows are completely independent from each other. A user can choose different indicators and assets and select various time frames and types of charts when working with them.

One can add a second trading chart right on the platform. To do it, click the “+” in the upper left corner. To close any of the two chart windows, click the “X” button.

Please note that the button that places the trade order is between the buttons of the directions of the trade and the field where you enter the investment amount. We remind you that this tool allows users to open trade automatically when the specified conditions have been met.

However, we have not forgotten about those who enjoy trading one asset.

2. One screen

Platform users have repeatedly asked the support to enlarge the chart window. We have made these wishes come true in the new version of the platform.

Traders say that a larger working area enables them to use a larger number of technical indicators. Now they do not merge into an impenetrable intersection of lines, so you will not miss any signal of your strategies.

If you need to study the market situation in detail, you can always zoom in or zoom out the chart using the scroll wheel.

3. The menu of trades in the form of tiles

We have reformatted the menu of trades. Instead of the cumbersome listing of open and closed trades, you will see compact tiles providing the following information:

  • the asset,
  • the investment amount,
  • a timer that will show you how much time is left before the trade is closed,
  • an early sell button.

This update has created all conditions to make a user concentrate on the working process. Even a large number of open trades will not confuse the reader or prevent him from watching the price movement.

Subsequent to innovations in the chart area, the asset menu has also been changed. The previous version was quite informative, however, there was a need of a new interface design to make trading more convenient.

4. Identifying trends and switching the modes.

The new menu is based on two major principles of data visualization: information content and availability. As a result, the new comfortable working area has become another trading tool. The assets can now be displayed in two options.

The first option

There is a list that includes mini charts, the rates on return and other information (like the time when trading resumes). The most volatile instruments are marked with special symbols.

You can use special filters from below the list for more careful choice of assets: by their type, rate of return etc.

The second option

There are tiles with larger charts and the percentage change in the asset price over a specified period of time. Traders who are waiting for the chart to collide with resistance levels will find this mechanism extremely useful. It is also a great tool for identifying technical analysis patterns.

Please pay your attention that it has become easier to switch between forex and Fixed Time modes, as soon as the switch button has been added to the list of assets. By and large, a trader can now trade in both modes of the platform at the same time.

In their account settings, traders can disable the updates and use the previous version of the platform.

We wish you to reach new heights on the updated platform for online trading Olymp Trade.

Risk warning:

The information provided does not constitute a recommendation to carry out transactions. When using this information, you are solely responsible for your decisions and assume all risks associated with the financial result of such transactions.

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